Terrix IP-ST-P Dispersion Silicate Premium Paint 10L


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Product Description

Terrix IP-ST-P Dispersion Silicate Premium Paint 10L

Terrix®IP-ST-P paint is based on innovative Swiss technology combining a silicate and dispersive binding agents. Due to its vapour permeable characteristic, it allows walls to naturally receive and give off moisture. In “wet rooms” (such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements) the excess of moisture in the air may be easily reduced. Another important property of the paint is its resistance to microbial contamination (e.g. black mould). Its very high Ph level offers natural and far better protection than other systems.

  • Microporous structure enabling the “free” evaporation of moisture contained in the walls and natural moisture regulation.
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate (the paint does not crack or flake).
  • High resistance to washing and scrubbing.
  • High resistance to yellowing.
  • Does not require the use of primers .
  • Mineral character with a noble, matt appearance of the coating.
  • Lack of surface electrostatics.
  • Highly increased dirt resistance.
  • Black mould and microbial contamination resistant due to natural high Ph levels



Substrate preparation:

The substrate must be stable (no scratches and cracks), degreased, clean, and dry as well as free from stains and efflorescence of biological or chemical origin. In the case of microbial contamination, the substrate should be cleaned mechanically, then washed with Terrix® PR-AR solution for removing microbial contamination as per product manual. Discolourations, nicotine stains, and efflorescence resulting from water seepage are to be initially painted with the Terrix® IP-SB stain blocker. All loose layers not connected with the surface (loose render or flaking paint
coatings) are to be removed. The remnants of adhesive or lime paints are to be thoroughly removed and washed with water. New cement and limestone renders can be painted only after a two-week seasoning, gypsum based plasters after one week. Seasoning is not required for plasterboards.

Note: Directly before the application of the paint, surfaces made from materials susceptible to alkalis (such as wood, metal, glass, or clinker bricks) should be protected against splashing.


Preparation of the paint:

The packaging contains a ready-to-use product. If necessary, the paint can be diluted with a small amount of water (20-30% volume for the first coat and 5-15% for the second coat).
When determining the amount of water to be used, the type of substrate, drying conditions, and application technique must be considered.

Note: Mixing Terrix®IP-ST-P paint with other paints may affect the technical properties of the product.


Paint application:

The paint should be applied to the surface in two layers using a paintbrush, roller, or through spraying (including the “airless” method). The use of a fleece paint roller with a hair length of 18 mm is recommended. The second layer of paint should be applied only after the first layer has dried.

Note: The paint is highly alkaline, eyes and skin should be protected. Use PPE during the application process. In case of contact with eyes, they should be washed immediately with a large amount of water. If irritation occurs, consult with a doctor.



Basic binding agent: acrylic resin and potassium sodium silicate;
Pigments: non-organic coloured pigments;
Density: about 1.50 g/cm3;
Colours: white and selected colours from PCC colour chart as well as custom pastel colours;
Degree of lustre: matte;
Diluent: water;
Average consumption: about 0.22 l/m2 (for two coats on a smooth surface);
Temperature of use (ambient and substrate): from +5°C to +25°C
Relative diffusive resistance (coat thickness 140 um): Sd = 0.02 m;
Coefficient of surface absorbability: w = 0.058 kg/m2h0.5
Maximum application relative air humidity: ≤75%;
Resistance to scrubbing while wet: class I paint (according to the EN-C-81914: 2002 standard).
Packaging: Single-use plastic packaging is containing 2.5 and 10 l of the product. Storage: Store in the tightly sealed, original packaging in a cool area ensuring protection against frost. Opened packaging should be tightly closed and used as quickly as possible.
Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production ( factory sealed packaging).

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