Terrix PL-SX-S Spray Plaster 15L


Product Description

Terrix PL-SX-S Spray Plaster 15L

Terrix® Pl-SX-S is ready-to-use plaster coat for machine levelling of interior walls and ceilings. For final levelling and smoothening of surfaces before painting. Its white colour and smooth surface allow for a reduction in the number of coats necessary to obtain a full decorative effect. When set and hardened, very easy for sanding. Suitable for use on all typical mineral surfaces (such as concrete, cement, limestone, lime and gypsum plasters and plaster boards). Due to its chemical formulation, the product dries even when higher relative humidity levels occur.

  • Higher productivity outputs – up to 500m2/man/day
  • Due to the full vapour permeability of the Terrix® spray plaster there is no need to wait for taping and jointing to be fully dry – the product can be applied on the same day.
  • Chemical bonding – the product is permanently connected to the substrate. There is no risk of cracking or flaking.
  • Chemical accelerated set – the product is less sensitive to weather conditions meaning Terrix® spray plaster is ready for painting usually next day, in extreme situations after 3 days. Traditional skim coats and competitor’s spray coats during winter conditions needs up to two weeks to be ready for painting.
  • Very clean application process – spray plaster is premixed and does not required water or mixing on site. Additionally there is almost no overspray which means very little cleaning after application.
  • The quality of the finish is much better then standard skim coat plastering or other systems . It is delivering a very smooth, decorative surface quality not achievable with skim coat plastering.
  • The Terrix® Spray Plaster is fully compatible with Terrix® premium dispersion- silicate paint.
  • The chemical formulation of the product and its application prosperities allow for more consistent finish leading to very little snagging.



Substrate Preperation:

Apply to a sound and clean substrate (without cracks and delaminations), degreased, dry, and biological or chemical efflorescence free. The substrate should be free of algae/fungi growth. In case of microbial contamination, the substrate should be cleaned with a power washer. Terrix® PR-AR to be applied as per product manual. Any loose layers not bound to the substrate (i.e. dirt, dust, loose render or flaked coatings) should be removed. Old and/or dirty substrates should be washed off and degreased with water and CLEANFORCE agent. Existing holes, unevennesses and cracks should be filled in pursuant to the best construction practices. Substrates covered with well-set dispersion coating should be ground with a sandpaper and dedusted before the product application. Please note: if the product is applied on newly completed mineral substrates (i.e. cement-lime renders, cement-renders and concrete

substrates) — a min. 2-week curing period is required.


Absorbent substrates should be primed with BUDOGRUNT WG before spackling paste application.

Product Preparation:

Product intended for direct use — do not dilute. Before application, the product should be thoroughly mixed.

Apply a thin, uniform layer of product on the substrate at a thickness from film to 3 mm, using a spraying machine (airless method). In order to do it, special tools intended for applying spray plasters should be used (e.g. T-MAX of GRACO ), as well as suitably powerful devices for the application of paints (e.g. MARK V of GRACO company or SPEEFLO PT6900 XLT DI of WAGNER company). While spraying, the gun should be directed perpendicularly towards the substrate at a distance of ca. 1.0÷1.2 m (T-Max GRACO) and ca. 0.5÷0.6 m (Mark V GRACO)

If greater unevenness is present, the material should be applied in a few layers after the previous layer hardens. After the surface dries, it may be sanded.


3 mm of he product applied on the substrate can be subject to further processing after ca. 12 hours (20°C, 55% RH). Substrate water absorption and air circulation in the room may significantly affect the drying time of the product.

Useful Hints:

To be applied on days with temperatures (air and substrate) between 5-25°C. All tools to be cleaned with water after finishing work.



Base binder: organic adhesive;
Colour: white; can be tinted;
Maximum thickness of one layer: up to 3 mm;
Average coverage: ca. 1kg/m2 (applied on plasterboard);
 Temperature of application (air and substrate): from +5°C to +25°C;
Maximum relative humidity: ≤ 75%;
Adhesion/cohesion (drywall): >0.25 [N/mm2];
Concrete substrate adhesion: ≥0.3 MPa;
Resistance to cracking: no cracks within the zone up to 50 mm from the thin wedge end.
Packaging: Single-use plastic packaging of 30 kg.
Storage: The product should be stored in its sealed packaging in a cool, but frost-protected room.
Shelf life: 12-month shelf life from date of production (production date and batch no. printed on the side of the packaging).

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