Terrix – The ultimate protection for internal and external walls.

Terrix systems have been developed from an historical range of products based on lime and silicate, known for their longevity. The expectation is that once coated with Terrix your walls (inside or out) will stay looking good long into the future, with buildings looking as if they have only just been completed after 30 plus years.

Terrix systems are suitable for buildings in all environments including, marine, high pollution, high exposure, very wet, very dry, extreme weather, anti-salt resistance and those exposed to acidic gases. Whatever the environment Terrix systems give the highest protection.

The Terrix range of products include external paints, internal paints, spray plasters and renders. All products come with unique properties and compliance measures to deliver exceptional results which include:

  • High PH levels giving natural protection against algae and fungal growth.
  • High resistance to dirt, due to no surface electro statics.
  • A1 fire rating.
  • Bonding to the substrate by chemical reaction no flaking or delamination.
  • High resistance to yellowing.
  • Built in UV blockers.
  • Very resistant to pollution.
  • Colour fast, using only quality non-organic pigments, keeping a quality-coloured finish.
  • High vapour permeability so moisture can escape, and the walls can act naturally.
  • Very high resistance to water penetration.
  • Full protection against water.
  • Simple application, ideal for the DIY and Professional markets.

Given the unique properties and quality of the Terrix range and the numerous applications where it has been proven, it is understandable the massive growth in the UK market of these products.