Terrix EC-PS 10L Polymer-Silicate Paint


Product Description

Terrix EC-PS 10L Polymer-Silicate Paint

Polymer-silicate premium paint to be used for outdoor applications as a protective and decorative coating. Based on innovative Swiss technology combining silicate and dispersion binding agents. It is recommended for both new buildings and renovation projects. Can be applied on mineral substrates (such as traditional lime renders, cement-lime renders and cement renders as well as thin coat mineral renders, silicate renders, polymer-silicate renders). Terrix EP-PS can be used for recoating of substrates with synthetic-based paint coatings when mineral paint coating is required. The polymer-silicate paint offers reduced alkalinity thanks to which the impact of atmospheric conditions on the quality of created paint coating has been significantly reduced. Terrix EP-PS is very resistant to dirt and offers full vapour permeability. Absorbent mineral substrates, prior to paint application, require priming with Terrix PR-PS-P.


Substrate: sound, degreased, clean, dry and efflorescence free; Priming: Absorbent and chalking substrates should be primed with Terrix PR-PS-P 24 hours before painting. Paint preparation: Directly before use mix thoroughly. If required add a small amount of water (max 10% for the first coat and 5% for the second coat); Temperature of application: (air and substrate): from +5°C to +25°C. Avoid application in strong wind, during direct exposure to sunlight and rain; Application: Paint should be applied in two coats with brush, roller or by spray application (including airless method). The second coat can be applied once the first coat is completely dry (min. 3÷4 hours). Each element of façade should be painted in one working cycle, with paint from one production batch. Drying: Typical drying time ca.3h (20°C, 55% RH). Complete curing (hardening) of paint made takes min. 24 hours. Protect paint coating against precipitation and humidity concentration until it is completely dry.



Base binder: special, modified potassium water glass;
Pigments: resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric conditions inorganic colour pigments;
Density: ca. 1.50 g/cm3;
Colours: white and other selected colours according to Terrix colour chart. Pastel colours as per samples provided;
Gloss level: matt;
Solvent: water; Average coverage: ca. 0.33 l/m2 (two coats on a smooth substrate);
Temperature of application (air and substrate): from +5°C to +25°C;
Relative humidity: ≤80%;
Relative diffusion resistance of a 150 μm thick coat: Sd = 0.04 m;
Surface absorption coefficient: w = 0.05 kg/m2 • h0.5;
Packaging: Disposable plastic packaging (bucket) 10 l;
Category: A/c
Storage: The product should be stored in its sealed packaging in a cool, but frost-protected room. After opening and using some of the contents, the packaging should be used up as soon as possible. The remainder of the product should be then used up as soon as possible;
Shelf life: Originally sealed products have a 12-month shelf life from the date of production (this is printed on the side of the packaging).

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