Terrix RD-LB Levelling Base Coat


Product Description

Terrix RD-LB Levelling Base Coat

Dry, mineral levelling base coat based on hydraulic adhesives (lime) and selected aggregates (including light aggregates) for manual or machine application.
It is especially recommended as a part of TERRIX® POLYMER-SILICATE W1 two coat renders system. It may be applied on all typical mineral substrates such as, e.g. concrete, light weight concrete, expanded clay aggregate, ceramic brick and silicate brick as well as porous ceramics. For listed buildings or where very high level of vapour permeability is required Terrix® RD-LB can be used as an internal levelling base coat before application of Terrix® PL-SX-S spray plaster and Terrix® IP-ST-P premium polymer-silicate paint.

  • Very high adhesion to porous and absorbent substrates
  • Traditional lime based formulation
  • Suitable for internal end external use
  • Easy mechanical application
  • Reducing surface absorption
  • Extended open time
  • Micro fibre reinforced
  • Very high plasticity and workability
  • Highly reduced curing time vs sand and cement renders
  • Very high vapour permeability

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